“It’s grimy, it’s dirty” : For Ninja and Yo-Landi of Die Antwoord

I am your Butterfly

(I fall to the ground like a wingless)

You are my Samurai

I need your protection, need your protection…*

Blend this moment with the deathbed.

Reckon up the children of men.

Transform your injurers into your benefactors.

Walk the great streets that reek melancholy.

Surrender is no more and heaven tides alongside minds who deserve to die fuck you
Surrender is fuck you
in the rain at the grave cold rain and lightening back dropping kick stopping Fuck you surrender is fuck you

The polarity shifts to An implied understanding.

Negotiation successful.

What your broken plaything is -As to my birth, I am.

She has no name.

I have no name.

A woman is more dangerous than a loaded pistol

A doomsday angel

Snuffing a cigarette
Before the curtain is called

Predators wearing spittle grins
A gaping hole left by them

You thought your love would save her

Change her,

chain her to your bed

but it breaked her Instead

Pretty Wise

Surrender is

ice cold crow ca-caw caw

fire in the chakra

Evening tide

Sunsets wide

Surrender is my alibi

Into your hands deliver eyes

of Ra

How Can an Angel Break My Heart?

Scorched and tumbling earth

You are the muse’s favorite

You are an angel

and I am blind

We are irreconcilable

though compasses align

Hot syrup from the spoon is anodyne

*Italics by Die Antwoord


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