“unveiling nature”

Sophia's Bubbles, Detail, Mark Ryden

Sophia's Bubbles, Detail, Mark Ryden

Definitely ancient tongue

God’s plan is never done,

day is won but night is come – canines, vulpines, lupines

lurking in the shadows up the hill

Baying at whose hearts are beating still against their ribs

when blood runs chill, sensing unseen force is sleeping,

Like a dragon in a cave, hoarding gold, our future keeping

secrets leveled at the dooms day broadcast on repeat

“warning, warning” trick or treat Monsters wear a mask

To lead the sheep, to bedroom suites,

a side of meat

She’s incomplete and he is offering complete

discretion His profession is aggression and oppression

Thinks she is in love but is mistaken,

The weakness in her knees is caused by spiritual starvation

like cataclysmic tragedies happening interdimensionally,

and global catastrophe: shifting tectonic plates

tsunamis, forests burning, poison lakes

Her psyche crying out for Psyche’s sake

So Zephyrus and Jupiter can come and take

Away the pain

and make the ties that bind and never break away

freedom swaddled in restraint –

so We have free will

but are bound by fate

SophiasBubbles by Mark Ryden

Sophia's Bubbles by Mark Ryden


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