Burning Now

the clutching of heart strings with fingers

separating knots

like a surgeon,

but also like a serial killer

so then when it was over and I lay in recovery unimaginable

when I couldn’t imagine I had recovered

when I couldn’t imagine why

and the morphine




I stared into the sun

I ran away into the sun across the field

maybe it was Iowa, on the far western border

a gas station abandoned with a sign that

creaked in the wind and tumble weeds blocking the entrance

I might have stayed there forever

but I walked on

just stopped believing it means something

anything I can grasp and live only

for the fire

  1. #1 by Ms smart on June 20, 2010 - 8:16 pm

    Great visual imagery. Disolute as love leaves town. Love your poetic writing. Gas station image is genius.

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