Super! Bowl!

So my gang leader has organized a team building bowling get together tonight.

I am totally going and I am going to bowl so good my gang leader will probably promote me over the other gangsters.

Watch out other gangsters: you’re going down.

I’m pretty much planning on being an important member of this gang, though. In fact, tomorrow ( if I can drag myself out of bed and I don’t feel like doing seven lbs of homework before Monday at 5) I might be going over to my gang leader’s crib to watch the Superbowl (is that one word or two? My word processor is not recognizing it).

While a group of man folk watch the game in the basement family room, our gang will sit upstairs and drink VODKA.

And it’s funny, because, as the only Russian in the group I will not be drinking.

I’m not actually Russian. I just lied.

But I won’t be drinking. No one needs to see that.

I totally said I would make brownies. NOT THAT KIND OF BROWNIE.

We’re not that kind of gang. We don’t deal in weapons, drugs or sex trade. Well, maybe sex trade, I’m not sure yet. We’ll see tomorrow. I’ll let you know.

For most of my life I have been a loner.

NO! you say, shocked.

YES. I say, deadly serious.

(Okay I’m lying, again, I don’t know why I keep doing that.)

I’ve always been the life of the party. THAT’S THE TRUTH.

But anyway, GRADUATE SCHOOL is the first time in my entire life that I have felt the need to have the protection of a gang because of all the crazy English graduate students in my program. You know who you are!

Well there is safety in numbers!

A gang was pretty much my only answer to not getting eaten up and spittin out (words i made up).

The leader of the gang is able to shoot lightening bolts from her eyeballs. Her husband is also a cop so we have the law on our side.  Our muscle is an English tutor who will shank you for cutting in line at the library where she works.  The main recruiter basically jumps people in (and out) and turns into a car.

I think  this is the weekend where I’ll get my job in the gang, probably as the entertainment as I have no real skills other than that. Wish me luck. Or maybe it was that I had to score a lot of points bowling. I can’t remember.


  1. #1 by La La on February 7, 2010 - 12:37 am

    what a weird ending. i’m pressed for time. if i’m late to the bowling alley i have no idea what will happen to me

    • #2 by Gio on February 7, 2010 - 12:52 am

      The L word was a huge shock. You…a loner? *gasp* Based on your writing, you seem to be quite out-going…although based on your tweets, you seem lonely. Good riddance to the person that made you sad.

      • #3 by La La on February 7, 2010 - 2:22 pm

        RIIIIIiiiiight? yeah last night we ended up going to karaoke and everyone was shocked that quiet little ol me got up on stage to bust out some Janis….lol

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