Do you love Christian Wiman’s words too?

So I finally read The Limit today by Christian Wiman and I almost DIED.

I don’t think I’ve ever had 12 pages feel so fucking heavy.

I don’t think I’ve ever had to put 12 pages down, set them aside

and  just cry my face off.

So entirely, all encompassing is The Limit.

I have to read it again and again. I can’t believe how awesome of a memoirist he is — just I don’t know.

His words make my head dizzy with compulsion.

I never read a lick of anything Christian wrote until today. (I’ve been reading Shakespeare, also a favorite).

but he had me at

“the light like steeping tea / shadows sliding out of things.”

I am that much of a poem whore.

One, two, paragraphs in, last sentence and I’m ready to have a man’s baby.

The light

Like steeping tea


Sliding out of things

So then I made the mistake of looking up this word Jedi.

The light

Like steeping tea

Usually when I am in love with a man’s words it is because he is a vampire and he has me glamored but Christian is different.

Turns out he is not a vampire!

But the editor of Poetry magazine which was recently bequeathed a fortune.

And, he’s really cute.

Like, I would settle down and be The Pioneer Woman (which of course would be fabulous because she totally has it going on)  if he wanted me to be, cute. Ok. Well, as of 2007 he was married to the co-editor of said fabulous life.

So, maybe I wouldn’t want the baby or the ranch, but oh Christian. Sigh. Maybe in another life.

Until then I have your words,

or at least I have your shadows sliding out of things.


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