Dear Diary, Now is no time for convalescing…

Greg Craola Simkins "Finders Keepers"

Greg Craola Simkins "Finders Keepers"





something like that.

 “Never tell your problems to anyone…20% don’t care and the other 80% are glad you have them.”

Is that not so cynical.?.. I am not a fan of cynical.

AND it’s totally lying.

I know I promised you forever ago in a tweet to tell you about Mars going retrograde until March 10, 2010 and “it’s also BEEN that time (you’ve noticed things being a little weird?) again, for Mercury, the planet that helps us manage communication, travel, electronics, traffic and your basic, everyday thinking, will appear to be moving backwards for its retrograde period.

It all began on December 26 and goes right through January 15, 2010.

Mercury in retrograde is ending soon, but Mars in retrograde lasts for nearly three months!

 So what does that mean for most of us in general?

According to the Web site, “this triumerverate of retrograde planets (Uranus is also retro) comes to an end on January 15 and NOW is the time to “come to better agreements with those we care about, apologize for mistakes or misunderstandings and ultimately get back on an even keel when communicating with those we care about.

 But remember: this is a time for correction, not progress. With influential Mercury on a confusing path, we can’t expect to actually move ahead (or move on) until January 15, when Mercury turns direct again and our channels of communication flow freely once again.”

So that settles that for now.

Painting by Josh Keyes

Painting by Josh Keyes

 Did I tell you I recently became an Aries?

Baby of the Zodiac.

Baby of the Zodiac.

 birth + MARCH 20 = Pisces

that’s what  I always thought, but then I had my chart read. I guess at 7:11 p.m. on the March 20 when I was born, the sun had already moved into the sign of Aries and so now I am re-learning life as a fire sign and no longer a water sign. In fact, now I hiss at water. sssssss. Just kidding I still dive when I can.

But still I have taken up this activity called FIRE POI and I like it WaaaaaaY tooo much ….



I’m a new soul I came to this strange world hoping I could learn a bit about how to give and take.
But since I came here felt the joy and the fear finding myself making every possible mistake


I’m a young soul in this very strange world hoping I could learn a bit about what is true and fake.
But why all this hate? Try to communicate finding just that love is not always easy to make.


This is a happy end cause’ you don’t understand everything you have done why’s everything so wrong

this is a happy end come and give me your hand I’ll take your far away.

I’m a new soul I came to this strange world hoping I could learn a bit about how to give and take but since I came here felt the joy and the fear finding myself making every possible mistake




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  1. #1 by GlitterGirl on January 11, 2010 - 10:02 am

    That aries sign is so perfect. i am on the other side of the cusp — the year i was born it was the first day of aries on the 23rd — so it was late. or something like that. some weird thing in my chart. but anyway, welcome to the aires world and… moreover, welcome to the fire world! Ha! i love fire poi. changed my life. i have quite a few videos if you wanna see — this is one i really adore —

    how long have you been spinning? do you love it fully? 🙂 hope your practice is inspiring you. love that you were spinning in the snow! 🙂


  2. #2 by La La on January 11, 2010 - 1:26 pm

    Hey! I tracked you down and added you to my Twitterfam!

    I’ve been spinning since July and it took me until just before the snow started falling where I was able to start dancing with the poi.

    By then the snow was on the ground but it doesn’t matter, I burn to spin, so I’ll spin in the snow so long as it’s not -1 degrees Farenheit or something.

    I’m totally dedicated, I spin everyday.

    Working on perfecting my wall planes right now so I can do wraps, three beat behind the back weave is one I also am working on…I don’t know…the sport is so endless …. so much poi NEVER enough time for it…

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