Do you ever say to yourself, Is this my beautiful wife?

Are these my *only* books for three graduate classes?

Are these my *only* books for three graduate classes?

For some reason I’ve been wanting to blog about the neurotic bent that  I seem to have in forming relationsips with people that lean heavily towards anticipation of something much greater than what reality turns out to be and with red flags waving spelling out eventual, inevitable, crushing darnkness, et cetera, et cetera if especially we “did it” and / or just basic disappointment in losing what could have been but this blog IS NOT FUCKING THERAPY.
No. I wanted to publish a post about how cushy grad school is and how much I like it. Cushy.
I dig cush.
I also want to wonder rhetorically why my English 588, Special Topics in Linguistics does not have a book listed and no info on Black Board?
ENG 588 meets on Monday nights and classes started this semester on Wednesday, so by rights we are already behind in that class and my other two classes I am taking, Poetry 582 or something like that and Teaching College Composition has already had homework assigned and turned in! What gives? No e-mail from the prof either!
The plot thickens when one considers this is a prof with a PhD in Linguistics specializing in….wait for it….Plautdietsch which is a Low Saxon language of netherlandic Mennonites in the Americas so she’s not exactly the absent minded professor type who would forget to call in her class book order and our English department is small and I work in it and she’s an Assistant prof so if anything had  happened we would know, of course right away.
So no books for a graduate Linguistics class? Do I celebrate or do I go postal?
I could e-mail (and maybe even should) as I have even had her for grammar as an undergrad (yes, I am totally that girl who goes to grad school at the same school, I know I’m lame, I’m planning on making a break for Mexico mid-semester and having a love child (just kidding I’m total ZPG on children) and eventual bed and breakfast with a man that I meet skydiving) but then I would spoil the only mystery in my life that is real and not imagined.
It seems like maybe I’m being pathetic. Ok. I’m being pathetic.
Almost was good enough (once).

It’s been hard doing anything
Winter’s stuck around so long
I kept trying anyhow and I’m still trying now
Just to keep working, just to keep working.

I remember when it didn’t use to be so hard
This used to be impossible
A new season has to begin
I can feel it leaning in whispering
“Nothing’s lonely now”
Nothing anymore in pain.

A tall shadow dressed how secrets always dress
When they want everyone to know that they’re around.
Leaning in whispering
“My friend over there don’t know what he’s talking about.”

Did you really believe, come one, did you really believe
That everyone makes it out?
Almost no one makes it out.
Almost no one makes it out.
Almost no one makes it out.
I’m going to us that street to hide
From that human doubt
To hide from what was shining and has finally burned us out.
Almost no one makes it out.
Almost no one makes it out.

No one makes it out
You’re talking to one right now
For once almost was good enough

~ Magnolia Electric Co. “Almost was good enough”


  1. #1 by Vern Neufeld on January 9, 2010 - 1:37 pm

    A prof with PHD in Plautdietsch. That is awesome!!! Send her an email asking following: Woene Biakja woa wie fe diene Klauss brukke? This is Plautdietsch for “which books will we be needing?” I am Plautdietsch myself and love it. You can check out what Plautdietsch sounds like at
    Let me know how it goes.

  2. #2 by La La on January 9, 2010 - 5:33 pm

    I’m on it! LOL PLEASE fan page my FB or follow me on Twitter so I don’t lose you! I will be the only person I know who knows not one but TWO Plautdietschtians.


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