epic facebook thread

Rae Rae   
Nice ladies….real nice.
Yesterday at 6:24pm ·
La La  
yeah and we both looked back at the exact same moment and were like dayam he was hot! and then….OMG DUH we totally smacked our foreheads. we coulda had a threesome lined up for the weekend LOL….just kidding. or am i?
Yesterday at 6:26pm ·
Rae Rae 
Shoulda, woulda, coulda.
Yesterday at 6:28pm ·
La La
i know! We were both like…damn….can we go back and do that whole thing again, only this time we stop, say something amazing and decide to go out for drinks this weekend…
Yesterday at 6:30pm ·
Omg we are such nerds! He was super hot too! Fml. Threesomes LaLa?…Get enough booze in me well then we’ll talk. lol. My fav part about this tho is the fact that we both went thru the opposite door at the same time and got stuck. I laughed about that the whole way home 😀
Yesterday at 6:34pm ·
La La
Hhahahahhahahaha I can’t stop laughing at us. I am goingo to laugh some more and then I’m ging to cry! LOL
Yesterday at 6:36pm ·
La La  
we have the same taste in men! I love it! we have to go trolling!
Yesterday at 6:37pm ·
I’m not even lying, I laughed about it the whole way home. People driving by me on the expressway prolly thought I was nutters. hehe and yeah we apparently do have the same taste in men. He was a hottie! But I think we’re too nerdy to snag that. Like you said, neither one of us would know if a guy was flirting even if he kissed us on the spot 🙂
Yesterday at 6:39pm ·
La La  
<screaming w/ laughter> HAHAHHAAHHAHA I know…”oops I’m SO sorry OMG I didn’t mean for our lips to totally just bump on accident…but why did you stick your tounge in my mouth…? oh that was probably on accident too, well BYE HAVE A NICE DAY. SORRY ABOUT THAT” tra la lalaltrallalalaal tra llalala … and then later hmmm why can’t I ever meet a guy? oh well….
Yesterday at 6:43pm ·
Hahahaha!! Exactly. Tip for next time: if a gorgeous guy is holding the door open for you, momentarily forget everything about Women’s Lib and go thru the fucking door. Smile and say “thank you, here’s my number.”
Yesterday at 6:46pm ·
La La
it’s so simple and yet… ok my new year’s resolution is ALREADY going off track! I have to get back on track….HERE’S MY NUMBER HERE’S MY NUMBER HERE’S MY NUMBER…THREE LITTLE WORDS…
Yesterday at 6:49pm ·
La La
i’m going to practice by handing out fake numbers to guys i don’t think are cute first and work my way up
Yesterday at 6:51pm ·
Sounds like a plan. We will have to remember all of this for future moments.
Yesterday at 6:57pm ·
Rae Rae 
Next time someone should accidently rub against him too. Do you ladies know nothing?!
Yesterday at 7:06pm ·
You all are too funny. 🙂 Wish I coulda seen it….
Yesterday at 7:25pm ·
La La 
hahha yeah duh Ashley we shoulda sammiched him in the door he was holding open and one of the heels of your boot coulda got stuck in my “leg sweaters” and we’d be all “shoot look what happened! can you somehow get her shoe of my “leg sweater”

with your teeth….

Yesterday at 7:38pm ·
HAHAHA!! Shit! How’d did we not think of this sooner?! Shame on us for not being more creative when the time was right. We could have “trafficked” him right out to my car and shoved him into the trunk of my car. lol 😉
Yesterday at 7:42pm ·
Rae Rae  
Next time girls, next time.
Yesterday at 8:14pm ·
lol that was a great read
Yesterday at 8:52pm ·
Mae Mae  
I agree with Megatron. I thoroughly enjoyed this post. lol.
Yesterday at 10:37pm ·
Excellently played.
Yesterday at 11:33pm
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