Much ado about nothing

moon stones

moon stones

In fall when the last of the leaves

Had given in to the cast of longer nights

When shadows curled crisp ‘neath the branches

Scraping together in the wind and burdened with their bareness

Is when I met you

When too then my own soul had been scoured to a righteous aloneness

In my attic room, among the down and sheets reading

Content with rhyme schemes and criticism

“Faerie Queene” by Candlelight

About a knight tempted by evil and despair

And evening shadows gave way to tender new moons, quarter moons, half moons

And the full moon, we both would gaze upon

Hanging vigilant and shining as the first snow fell down

Among the lives of such of us who wonder at beauty

We would look up now and then to think of each other

And stop ourselves from cursing fate

Spring brought the death of perfection

Letting off of the hook everyone, once and for all

To cradle in our arms photographs

Little visions of imagination and hope

Of some push towards not hurting anymore

The claustrophobic heat sets in

Sitting on the front porch, sipping tea with fresh mint

Contentment is a mirage

Fall has whispered its last old tale

Winter clings to our frozen hearts.

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