Channeling the White Goddess



What song the sirens sang?

I can’t lie

I’d like to find a symbol of how much you love me just lying there

You know after a storm passes and I go outside and in kicking barefoot through the

the puddles

usually where the tadpoles are lined up along the edges

maybe this time I find a ring, platinum, and engraved on the inside

“Just a little longer”

How to untie the Gordian Knot?

It’s simple. I’ll sit here so still.

It’s simple. I’ll just open my mouth wide and breathe so slow the air won’t make a sound.

It’s this simple.

This way I know it’s my careful doing you slipped me.

On purpose you got away.

Closure is for amateurs.

Closure is for amateurs.

Who cleft the Devil’s foot?

No one fully anticipated the way the ribcages of the other one, the one they loved, how their ribcages just crushed, just slammed, just made endless entanglements, no one guessed, no one knew. Not even our parents, though some of them may have warned us with their marriages, unhappy or happy, either way, no one anticipates, never fully can know, or God Forbid, remember.


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