I love "Lying"

“He went to go see a Unicorn when he was ten. It was all he wanted to see. It turns out the Unicorn was just a poor goat whose horns hand been bound together into one…I think it screwed him up.” – Chloe Sevigny “Lying”

I love the movie “Lying” … It is soft and dreamy. About girls who don’t give a damn, stay too long in the bath water, leave their hair stringy, feel lonely and don‘t try to fake that everything is always been over. They take walks in the woods. Hear voices, talk to the little boys inside their heads, pick flowers at evening time, wake too early at dawn…Try not to be bored, but are terribly, endlessly bored. And I can’t hide that face either. I like that everything in the midst of being idyllic, poetic, gauzy, and warm, is the setting for sanity slipping away. I like how since there’s nothing to do they grow crystal rock gardens and play croquet and wave flags frantically…notice me notice me notice me…I’m a ghost. I wanted to believe. Now I just stare too long at the wind.

Make me more movies like this. Make me more movies where I can just watch a beautiful girl’s hair.


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