Come Snow, and cover me


Come Snow

and cover,

everything I know is there

but don’t want to look at anymore.

Come Snow

and fill in the edges and cracks

of everything I left unsaid, undone and

got tired of,

like those rows of terra cotta pots on the front porch with dead, twisted, brown flowers

that used to be red, yellow, purple

green, luscious, luxurious: Cover them.

Come Snow with your ever present bride, Wind.

Let her howl through the carpenter’s

miscalculations of millimeters in the new buildings downtown,

through the single panes on the old houses let her howl,

through my coat, let her howl,

and let her rattle at the buttons on my dress.

I will open my throat, veins, ribcage,

I will open my brain, heart, eyes and I will open my motivations, intentions, desires to her sweeping momentum, Wind,

she, the agent of change from a distant place,

let her howl her travels and ruminations through me.

Come Wind and Snow

What one can’t scour clean

The other one can cover.

Together work together. Come.

And sweep through the corridors of my life until it is hollowed out;

eroded to a smooth, smooth, glass-like surface, white and endless, endless, covered, and all around me it comes down, the ink black night, my arms outstretched to let Wind whisk through me, taking last minute bits of bitter and clutter

sending them out to Snow to be covered.

swirling all around, glowing from the inside.

Statue of Acala Covered with Snow

Statue of Acala Covered with Snow


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