Liquid Utopia Part 6

“Oh my God! What is she doing?” Asked some bitchy looking girl sitting nearby.

But the whole place had come alive, the clocks even had a pulse, and now Muse was grabbing her coat from the back of the chair and taking Jesse and Jessica by the elbow. “I think it’s time we go.” She dropped a couple of bills on the table and ushered them both out into the cold night, the stars overhead winking hard at them.

Jessica whirled around and around, running ahead down the street, knocking over garbage cans, ripping posters off of light posts, cart wheeling headlong over parked cars and street signs.

“Chaos!” Jessica shouted.
“The natural order of the universe.” Jesse said.
“The Eristic principal. The Sacred Chao.” Said Muse, putting her hands in her coat pockets as she and Jesse walked down the sidewalk in the alley outside the bar.
“The sacred cow?” asked Jesse, who was ready, at this point to try and just believe anything as he was watching his young, blonde friend laugh manically beneath the slivered, crescent moon.
“A single unit of chaos. Pronounced cow, spelled c-h-a-o.” Explained Muse.
“Ah.” Said Jesse, who suddenly understood and started to laugh at his mistake, at the imaginary holy, glowing cow he had fixed in his mind. “A Chao!” he snorted, laughing.


“The whole control thing,” said Jessica, rushing up to them and putting her hands on each of their faces lovingly, “is a lie!”
“No one gets it right.” Agreed Muse.
“But aren’t we supposed to try?” asked Jesse, captivated by the sudden burst of freedom in his mind’s eye.
“Oh, we’re supposed to try.” Said Muse.
“So the opposing forces of the universe…are control and chaos?” asked Jesse.
“Well, from the way I seem to understand it, yes,” said Muse, “but I suppose it isn’t really that.”
“I don’t understand,” said Jesse.
“Well, we live in a polarized universe, simply by the definition we came up with ourselves just tonight…” Muse said.
“Yes!” said Jessica running up again.
“So our definition has to change,” said Jesse.
“Our perception,” said Jessica.
“Ah. Right. Our perception,” said Jesse.
“What I’m thinking is that, if we have determined that chaos is the natural order of the universe, well….it can’t have an opposition. There is only the false definition of constructed paradigms,” said Muse. “And we’re so removed from it.”
“So that makes sense because it gives further proof to the idea that Utopia is fundamentally flawed because it can only exist by suppressing it’s counterpoint,” said Jesse, “But think about it this way, wouldn’t the opposite be true then? Wouldn’t chaos have to suppress control in order for it to exist? Wouldn’t that be the Aneristic principal?” asked Jesse.
“Now you’re confusing me,” said Muse. “Can I have another cigarette?”
“No, no,” said Jesse. “I mean, yes, here’s a smoke. Need a light?”
Muse shook her head, her fiery hair shining beneath the moonlight.
“We seem to have lost Jessica,” she said.

“She’ll be back,” said Jesse

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