Liquid Utopia Part 4

“Bartender! Waitress!” She shouted, laughing and reaching across the table to squeeze Jesse’s and Jessica’s hands, to reassure them she wasn’t laughing at them, just at the crazy world. “What is taking so long with that Utopia?”

“What is taking so long with Utopia?” Jesse asked, chain smoking.

“Well if you’re speaking rhetorically you may want to at least answer what the natural order of the universe is.” Said Muse.

“What do you mean?” asked Jessica.

“Well, Thomas Moore did say that if you can’t make something good, you can at least make it as little bad as possible.” Said Muse.

“Yes. He also said that you can’t make everything good, unless you make all men good,” remembered Jesse, taking another hit off of his cigarette.

“May I?” asked Muse, reaching to take the cigarette from his hand to take a drag of it herself.

“But men will never be good.” Jessica said.

“Not for a long time,” said Jesse. “According to Moore, anyway.”

“So Moore was polarizing. Moore was saying things are this way, things are that way. There is dark, there is light. There is good, there is bad. There are things we can’t control, but yet somehow we must control them,” said Muse.

“Then he was essentially arguing that people fight fire with fire,” said Jesse.

“Exactly! If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em!” said Jessica.

“The government was trying to control every aspect of people’s lives, making people miserable. Utopia came out under the tumultuous and tyrannical reign of Henry VIII if I remember correctly…so Moore contended that the answer to everyone’s problems wasn’t 

less control, but more of it, an overabundance of it,” reasoned Jesse.

“He was a fascist in socialist clothing,” said Muse.

“Ouch! I like Moore!” said Jessica. lu5

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