Liquid Utopia Part 3

“Well, which one came first?” asked Jesse.

“Ah, now that’s the question. Which came first, the illusion of perfection or the illusion of imperfection?” said Muse laughing.

“Weren’t you there?” asked Jesse.

“My memories are attached to yours, to all of humanities. I don’t have the answer directly so much as my role is to help you find the answer,” replied Muse.

“So. All of societies ills are symptoms, then,” started Jesse again, looking about the bar that had become more crowded, he tried to peer into the hearts of the men around him, “of evil. Yet instead we treat the symptoms, not the disease. But if we treat the disease, the disease that we created, we essentially destroy what we have created.”

“We?” questioned Muse.

“Our society.” Said Jesse.

“You’re both saying that society created evil because of it’s fundamentally flawed logic of an idea of control in an uncontrollable world. You’re saying now, you, as in your society, is so far removed from the original concept of being that you can’t help but treat the symptoms of the disease you helped create. And by the looks on your faces, admitting to your part in the creation of evil doesn’t exactly look like something either one of you want to do.” said Muse.

“I guess it wouldn’t be so bad,” said Jesse.

“It wouldn’t be Utopia though,” said Jessica.

“No. I think we’ve decided that place doesn’t exist,” said Muse.

“Did we?” asked Jessica.

“I don’t think we did, I think we were defining it,” said Jesse.

“I thought we were talking about a long time ago.” Said Muse.

“Well, nothing has changed,” said Jesse. “Look around, poverty still exists, theft, murder, and all the rest of it which exists because of poverty, but that exists because evil exists. So we have to get rid of evil. That’s the goal of Utopia, in a way. But now I think I’ve lost my train of thought, suddenly. Damn it.”

“Well, actually, it would be less a goal, and more a constant state,” said Jessica. “Wouldn’t it?”

“I still think we have to define Utopia to have this conversation,” said Jesse.
At this, Muse clasped her hands over her mouth to keep a loud burst of laughter from coming out.


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