Liquid Utopia Part 1

LU1“Well, the whole world was like this, you see,” Muse explained, laughing into her whiskey and coke, enjoying the power of her well placed words.

“You mean, there was a place for everyone? Different places with different rules? And if you didn’t like one place, you could just leave and go to another one?” The bearded man with black-rimmed spectacles, who hadn’t spoken a word all night, suddenly became animated. The smoky bar, the loud music; his words drowned a bit on impact. Nonetheless, Muse felt the shift, she knew she was getting somewhere. Finally.

“In effect. But it’s hardly that simple,” Muse looked down at her chest and adjusted her bosom to provide further distraction. She loved to keep everyone in suspense.

“Well what if you did want to? What would you have to do?” Asked the pretty female theatre student, named Jessica.

“You’re getting ahead of yourself, dear,” said Muse. “May I have one of your cigarettes?”


“Well if it was the whole world, I don’t understand,” said the bearded, spectacled man, whose name was Jesse, “How come no one has ever heard of it?”

“You’re asking the wrong questions, really,” replied Muse, shaking her long red curls down around her face, sipping her drink and watching the frustration on the young people’s faces, as they tried to think of better questions.

“Critical thinking is decidedly difficult for the 21st century college student,” thought Muse, “I’ll give it a little more time.”

“Well, the thing is, people have heard of it.” Jessica mused out loud, her blonde curls bouncing as she shook her head, deep in thought.

“Mmmm.” Replied Muse, taking a well-deserved drag off the cigarette, and shaking her head in encouragement to go on. “Please, go on.”


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