La sin señora luna de la lluvia part 4 of 5

The trip to the current location of the Huichol village is by foot and it takes a long time. Their people are almost completely untouched by the modern world and have remained thus for thousands and thousands and thousands of years. In 2009 almost nothing is any different in their world than it was thousands and thousands and thousands of years ago: Descendents of the Aztec.

the church that Cortes built

the church that Cortes built

It is legend that when Cortes arrived on the beach he was so taken by the beauty and serenity of the land that he built a church to show an everlasting truce between the people of that land and the kingdom of Spain. The church remains in the village on the sea, the Huichol went deep– four days deep into the jungle.


We take the zebra-horses.

For a long time we walk the zebra-horses; through dry riverbeds, rounding gravely path corners to let mules pass as they are dragging loads of palm fronds down from the jungle mountains where there’s a bit of rain up there and the leaves are thicker. It’s where we are headed up to the mountain ravines, the mountain waterfalls, and the mountain rivers.

It is so dusty though.

Winding our way up until we are on a narrow path that the horses navigate slowly, with cliff on one side, ravine on the other.

That mountain path on horseback, felt my mount’s hoof crack on the rock,

As a mountain lion cleared the trees right before me and as the ravine rose up before me, I try not to squeeze the horse, I hope he doesn’t notice the big cat with yellow eyes up in the tree.

the falls

one of the waterfalls near the village

We are going to find the waterfall and meet the Huichol half way who are coming down for the luna de la lluvia that will take place on the cliffs overlooking the sea under a full moon in three days. The sacred peyote Huichol rain dance ceremony under the moon.

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