La sin señora luna de la lluvia part 3 of 5

There is said to have been a murder of a tourist by a man who used to live in the village. It’s unclear where the murder happened. I hope he turns himself in, whoever did it.

Ana reported Montezuma’s revenge, she pronounced it “typhoid fever.” We all felt terrible for her and stopped swallowing water in the shower.

One day some students who were a few villages over teaching local farmers how to compost and use alternative energy came and stayed for the weekend in tents in the campground area of the villa. We all went swimming. It was a hot and sunny junio Jalisco day drinking stoned not paying attention to the tide. The jellyfish are a social creature too. We tried to get away, but the faster we swam, the closer they got, until it was too late. Hot sunny blue water jellyfish I cringe to this day.



Huichol art

A young Huichol Indian family journeyed to the village with their tiny papoose who didn’t wear any clothes. Why should he?

The dad was 16, I found out and so now they were kids who were running away he tells Isabel in Huichol and broken Spanish. They know each other because she has purchased his art and sold it before in California and he has brought some of his art with him and wants her to sell it for him so he and his bride can be together with their baby.

While he explains I take her and their baby down the twisty path through the jungle, down to the tranquila Bahia, the sparkling sea and we go swimming. The baby is delighted and so is the girl and the light to sun sparks rainbows in their eyes and in the droplets that splash around us. She speaks no Spanish. I speak no Huichol. I can’t tell her how adorable her baby is so we just laugh when he does and call it a day.

After dinner I search the linen closet in the main house for tiny rags to use as diapers and a bin of sorts for baby washing, soaps and creams and blankets, whatever I can find and take it to her.

The next day I leave the village by boat to stay for a few days at Isabel’s city house.

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