Te olvidé

300 words a day entry fourteen

I practice shimmies in my living room…the beat of a drum, shimmies are absolute, hips move, upper body does not… tuck, roll, slide, sink, shimmy, 1, 2, rise, 2, it’s tiring, my hips feel bruised.

I’ve got some big questions waiting for me at the other end of this year fast approaching, I ignore them all for a little while longer, cuddle into the fur lined hood he wears when the temperature drops. I know from experience all things will happen in time; I love that his chest is hard, that his car smells new. He watches me shimmy, my arms are tired, my hands having to look like they are floating while I dance, twirl in circles on my wrists, my wrists are tired, dancing is difficult, I love how it puts me in the frame of mind of now.

They say it will snow this week. I stayed indoors all weekend doing my important work, even though the sun shone through the leaves on the fire maples and I could go out with just a sweater during the day. I don’t think I got much done. He took me shopping. I got new boots. They say the world may end tomorrow, I hope it is before my alarm clock goes off, but not too much before, I need my sleep.

I want my fire. I want to spin fire under the Mexican moon at dusk. I want to count the mongrel’s shiny eyes. I’ve been everywhere crossing this continent back and forth, dancing. Since this morning I forgot the name of the best restaurant in Boston, but I’ll never forget the sushi they served there. He’s a few experiences behind me, but he likes to watch me dance. We are light, we are free, it is easy. I forgot I like to laugh.

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